7 tips to save on food during a trip

If you are one of those who think it is expensive to leave your comfort zone and get to know the world, here you are 7 tips to save on food during a trip. You will see that with the right information and doing things right your economy will not be affected.

1. Make a budget

This is vital on any trip you are going to take. Make a previous budget of everything you spend and try to be faithful to him. In the aspect of food, as is obvious, too.
Today, thanks to the internet, the world is perfectly connected. Thus, it is not difficult to find out about the standard of living in the area you are going to. Search for restaurants and average prices of local food.
Once you have all the necessary information, make a well-prepared budget, neither too low nor optimistic and cheap in excess. It is important to be prudent and sensible. Once at your destination, try not to exceed it.

2. Avoid tourist restaurants

We go with more tips to save on food on your trips. The next goes through avoid tourist restaurants.

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As you know, beans are cooked everywhere. In any place of the world you will see very nice places, well set and with people eating that do not seem native to the area. Well, those are the establishments that you have to avoid, because They are designed to make money at the expense of the unsuspecting tourist.
Ask for the area and Locate typical stores in which the inhabitants of the city or town eat. Either go to fast food restaurants or free buffets, which are usually cheaper.

3. Make your own food

Today, not all trips have to have a resting place in a hotel. There are other options such as apartment rentals or reservations in hostels, guest houses or aparthotels where you will have your own kitchen.
If you go to a place from which you can prepare your own food, be sure that you will save a lot on your expenses. In addition, you can go to local markets. Everywhere there is meat, fish and vegetables. If with that you are not able to cook some delicious food, you better look for a restaurant.

4. Drink lots of water

Another good tip to save on food on your trips is the consumption of water. It is essential to always carry a bottle as a faithful ally on all routes.
Remember that drinking water quenches hunger and keeps the body hydrated, so it reduces the need for nutrients.
If you can, avoid tap water, which in certain places is not very drinkable and causes more thirst than anything else.

5. Cut down on alcohol and soda

The only liquid that the human body asks for is water. Alcohol dehydrates the body and sodas make you more thirsty. Finally, you will only get more tired and lacking energy. And for this you will need more food, with the consequent expense.
Remember, water is cheaper and healthier. If you want to save on food, leave the delicacies and banalities for another occasion.

6. Have a strong breakfast

One piece of advice that English people have given us a lifetime is strong breakfast for energy throughout the day. They cannot teach us much about food, but at that point they are very right.

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If you opt for a powerful breakfast, you will have plenty of energy for the whole day, your body will not be so in need of nutrients and you will save enough money on food.
So, don't disgust a bacon with eggs, for example. Add fruit, milk and cereals and be sure that you will enjoy a full day of energy without spending too much.

7. Forget the whims

As we said at the beginning, making a budget is important. When it comes to saving on food during your trip, adapt to the possibilities and Avoiding whims can lead to a fairly high decrease in spending.
Be very careful with compulsive purchases, let yourself be carried away by sight instead of your real needs and not enter into the consumption of drinks, snacks or treats that will only awaken in you a voracious and unnecessary hunger.

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"The pleasure of banquets should be measured not by the abundance of delicacies, but by the gathering of friends and their conversation."

-Marco Tulio Cicero-

When you go on a trip, Always remember these tips to save on food and you will enjoy your visits as a child. Nothing like a healthy pocket to be happy and be able to take advantage of every minute of the day as if it were the last during your tourist routes.

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