10 tips for traveling by bus

Unfortunately, we do not always have the economy so buoyant as to make luxury first-class airplane getaways. However, this should not be a reason not to visit the places we dream of. For those whose purchasing power is somewhat more limited, here are 10 tips for traveling by bus.

1. Have everything in order

An important point to travel by bus is to have everything in order. Although the European Union has free movement of goods and people, sometimes there may be problems with controls, borders, etc.

It is necessary to ensure that everything is in order, from the ticket to the identification document and passport. Remember that the person prevented is worth two.

2. Enjoy a good talk

A bus trip can be made eternal. If it is a line car on top, as it is known in some villages, it is possible to make dozens of stops. So that, enjoy a good chat with other passengers it allows the cumbersome journey to become somewhat less tired and much more entertaining.

«Intelligence is nothing more than knowing how to talk about some things and others with others, thereby achieving infinite wisdom.»

-Yamamoto Tsunemoto-

3. Chat with the driver

It is not good to entertain the driver while driving. However, every time a stop is made, it is positive to start a conversation. They have traveled a lot and know places, corners, stories and secrets of much of the world. Do not miss this opportunity, so you can take full advantage of your trip.

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4. Nap

They say that The nap is one of the best Spanish inventions. We will not go into that issue, but we must say that you should not be disgusted during the journey so that it is not so tired and heavy.
After the meal it is normal to feel the heaviest body and notice some sleep. That is the ideal time to nap, rest a little, allow the journey to be somewhat shorter and feel much more awake after a good time in the arms of Morpheus.

5. Enjoy the landscape

Another good advice we can give you to travel by bus is to enjoy the scenery. Along the way you will pass through all kinds of towns, cities, monuments, lakes, mountains and natural scenery of the most varied. Remember that this will greatly enrich your experience.

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6. Book early and arrive soon

To travel by bus, it is positive to be cautious and foresight. So, it will always be an excellent idea to book the ticket in time, either at the terminal or through the internet.
Once this is done, it is also a good idea to be on time at the boarding dock, place your bags without stress and rest in your seat quietly reading a book or flipping through your cell phone while others fight to locate your site.

7. Find the seat you like best

If you book a ticket to travel by bus in advance you can choose your preferred seat. There are users who prefer the locations near the doors, others enjoy more in the front and some choose to go back at all.
Be that as it may, select your seat with time and, if you can, Looking to travel in more luxurious and first class buses, although they are somewhat more expensive. There you will enjoy WiFi, more space for your legs, reclining seats, food, etc.

8. Take advantage of the stop

A bus trip can be very long. That is why it is necessary to take advantage of the stops until the last second. Don't waste your time, go to the bathroom, stretch your legs and have a drink if you feel hungry.

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9. Prepare for heat and cold

The air conditioning does not always work on a bus. So that, It is good to be cautious and be prepared for hot days, cold weather and any weather. Bring fresh and warm clothes and adapt to what you find during the trip.

10. Look for food in the area

Another good option to take advantage of bus stops is buy typical food from the area. Normally, the vehicle stops at bars and adapted places with shops and stores. Buy products from the gastronomy of the land and enjoy them as a snack during the journey.
As you can see, traveling by bus also has its incentives and advantages. You just have to know how to see the positive side, take advantage of how good this type of vehicles has and always maintain a proactive attitude and with a sense of humor.

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