The 7 most beautiful medieval villages in Europe

The Middle Ages has left us a lot, from culture to architecture, through scientific discoveries to gastronomy. Throughout the continent you can discover and enjoy really charming medieval villages. Would you like to know which are the prettiest? Then read on!

The 7 villages that seem taken from a story

Castles and canals, bridges and cobbled streets ... buildings in the middle of the mountain or on the banks of a river. This selection of medieval European villages will make you travel in time. Not only to the Middle Ages but also to your childhood, when you read stories of knights, dragons and maidens.

1. Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne, France - Sergey Kelin

It is located halfway between Toulousse and Perpignan and The most impressive thing we can see in Carcassonne (impossible not to find) is a castle that was built in the 12th century. It is also one of the most beautiful walled cities in the country ... And without fear of error, of the continent!

Seen from outside, the Cité seems impossible to penetrate. When you go through the great door you will literally be in the middle ages. The facilities have been preserved quite well and many buildings have been remodeled following the spirit of the time.

2. Krems, Austria

Krems, Austria - leoks

It rests on the Danube coast and is a small town, but no less charming. It is one of the most beautiful places for lovers of medieval stories. It has been recognized by Unesco with the distinctive title of “Model city of historical conservation”.

While it is currently a cultural and university center, Krems is very well maintained by the locals, especially the old town, which seems to have stopped in time.

3. Cochem, Germany

Cochem, Germany - LianeM

Again the letter of introduction of this medieval town is its great castle. The Reichsburg fortress watches over everything (and everyone) from the top of the hill. During your stay in Cochem you will be tempted to lose yourself among the zigzag alleyways ... And very narrow! Do not hesitate to fall into temptation, you will not regret it.

You will think that at any moment a knight will enter with his armor riding a beautiful horse. After the walk We recommend that you take a break in one of the half-timbered houses of slate roofs.

«To be really medieval, one should not have a body. To be really modern, one should not have a soul.

- Oscar Wilde -

4. Castle Combe, England

Castle Combe, England - JeniFoto

The air that is breathed in this town is 100% medieval. Everything was built in the fourteenth century and that's where the market clock stopped (metaphorically speaking, because it currently works). The Cotswold-style houses and the medieval church finish framing this beautiful postcard.

Only 350 people live in Castle Combe and for many it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in that area of ​​the island.

5. San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano, Italy - LianeM

It is said that this city is a kind of replica of Manhattan but in Italian land. You want to know why? Perhaps for its large towers of different sizes located in various strategic points (of the original 72 are 15) or for its night lights ...

San Gimignano is located between Florence and Siena and belongs to the beautiful Tuscany. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was a resting point for Christian pilgrims who went to the Vatican.

6. Besalú, Spain

Besalú, Spain - Iakov Filimonov

To get to Besalú you have to travel 30 kilometers from Girona. It is a small villa that welcomes us with a beautiful and romantic stone bridge. After crossing it on foot you can fall in love with all the medieval legacy it offers us. The walls, the churches and synagogues and, of course, the narrow and zigzagging streets where you are allowed to get lost.

7. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia - Sergey Kelin

It is the capital of the country and, although it has stopped being a medieval town, it still retains much of that era. Of course, it is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The buildings, Gothic churches, stone streets, walls and the old town in general date back to the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries at every step.

In which of these 7 medieval villages in Europe would you like to live a true story between a knight and a maiden?

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