Today we cross the Colorado Canyon

Large extensions of reddish color ... elevations that make us think that we are closer to the clouds ... or on the planet Mars.... in short, a place reserved for the bravest! We cross the Colorado Canyon and we want to tell you with great detail. You can also travel to northern Arizona, in the United States, and enjoy one of the first natural parks in this immense country.

Some facts about the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of the Colorado - sumikophoto

Before starting to tell you about this experience, it would be good to know a little about the reddish giant of the American West:

  • The Colorado River reaches a height of 2,422 meters on the north bank and at 2,210 on the south bank. That difference also affects your temperature (from lowest to highest as it goes up)
  • The width of the river ranges between 16 and 29 kilometers from the north bank to the south
  • The maximum height of the Colorado gorge is 1,470 meters
  • There is a distance of 350 kilometers between the east entrance and the west exit of the Grand Canyon
  • It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1979
  • Most of the sedimentary rocks in the area are 2,000 million years old
  • The river drainage area was formed 40 million years ago
  • The first American peoples lived in the area about 9,000 years ago
  • The first European to step on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado was García López de Cárdenas in the 17th century

The Grand Canyon and the National Park

If we were to describe the Grand Canyon of the Colorado the words would not reach us. It's really majestic, bright, spectacular... It will leave you breathless! Its labyrinths, cracks and fissures sculpted in the rock by nature, strange formations, towers and plateaus will transport you to a magical world.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado - Alexey Stiop

And if it was not enough, the landscapes change according to the position of the sun! The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the must-sees in the United States. Many of those who go to Las Vegas, tired of bets and neon lights, travel almost five hours to this true paradise. But it's worth the trip!

The most popular place for tourists is the center for visitors from the south end because it has the best views and it is easier to access it. In the case that you arrive through the north center you must take into account, for example, that it is closed between October and May and that it does not have so many services. However, it is ideal if you like tranquility and hiking.

The west end is less deep and that is where an indigenous reserve lives, the Havasupai. Although it is not as spectacular as other areas it is preferred by those arriving from Las Vegas, since the trip takes them two hours less.

If the budget allows it, We recommend that you take a helicopter or plane ride over the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. It is certainly an experience that you will not forget in your life. They depart from Tuyasan airport and serve to appreciate the great immensity of this fault.

Walking through the Grand Canyon

If you like hiking this area is perfect for walking (it is also more affordable than going through the air). To enjoy every corner you have to go down to its base. The route preferred by tourists begins in the Grand Canyon Villa and is called Bright Angel.

Grand Canyon - ozoptimist

Along the route you will find places with drinking water, essential in an area with high temperatures all year round. The climb back is somewhat difficult, therefore you can do short walks.

6 kilometers from the exit is the Tonto Plain and Indian Gardens. Another interesting point is Rancho Fantasma (20 kilometers away). Some choose to sleep here to continue the walk very early in the morning.

If you are not very trekking lover,In the Grand Canyon you can enjoy many activities and extreme sports such as rappelling or rafting. For those who prefer something quieter, the south visitor center offers an excellent giant screen documentary.

Grand Canyon Base - Anton Foltin

The legend

There is a beautiful legend that explains how the Grand Canyon emerged. Havasupai say that at the beginning of time there were two gods. Tochapa, that of goodness, and Hokomata, the evil one.

Tochapa had a daughter, Pu-keh-eh, who was called to be the mother of every living being. Hokomata the wicked wanted to avoid it and sent the world a great flood. But Tochapa hung his daughter from a huge tree and, when the waters went down, the rivers appeared. One of them created the huge gap that became the Grand Canyon. It may not be true but it is a beautiful legend.

"The Earth and the sky, forests and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea are excellent schools that teach us many things that cannot be learned in books."

-John Lubbock-

With its incredible landscapes, the activities that can be done in it and its legends, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is one of the places that no one should miss.

Video: Visiting The Grand Canyon & Hiking Colorado (April 2020).