Orlando, the fun point for families

The dream of all children (and many adults too) is to go to the parks of Orlando, Florida. In a radius of 24 kilometers ... they are all! But, in addition, you can enjoy the beaches and go shopping. Orlando, without a doubt, is a point of fun and magic for the whole family. Make your wishes come true! We propose a walk through this city in the southern United States so that you can organize your unforgettable trip.

Orlando, where everything is possible

It will be a bit difficult for us to concentrate on a single article everything that can be done on a vacation in Orlando. This city has what you are looking for and more! The so-called "capital of theme parks" is not only for the smallest of the family.

Orlando - Matthew Paulson / Flickr.com

With about 500 hotels, 4500 restaurants and 7 theme parks (4 Walt Disney World and 3 Universal) is a city that lives and breathes tourism. Paradise for lovers of shopping (with discounts of up to 70%) and shows of all kinds (theaters, museums, water parks) Orlando does not disappoint anyone. Surely you will want to return as soon as you are back!

The 7 parks of Orlando

Although the city has many attractions, we cannot deny reality: the vast majority travel to Orlando to visit its beautiful theme parks. We will take a short tour of each one of them to make it even more difficult to choose your favorite:

1. Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom - Jeff Krause / Flickr.com

It is the most important of all the parks. You can meet face to face with all the Disney characters commanded by Mickey Mouse, enjoy various daily parades, special events (for example Christmas or Halloween) and all kinds of games with each movie or story. Undoubtedly, the princesses are the most popular and requested.

«Do not sleep to rest, sleep to dream. Because dreams are to be fulfilled."

-Walt Disney-

2. Epcot

EPCOT - Jeff Krause / Flickr.com

The objective of this park was nothing less than representing different countries and areas of the world. The 11 pavilions are represented by Canada, England, France, Morocco, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico. Walking through each one of them is the same as traveling tens of kilometers between nation and nation.

3. Disney's Hollywood Studios

It is known as Disney MGM Studios and opened in 1989. With its attractions, mechanical games and live shows recreate the rich history of Hollywood cinema. The attractions are constantly being renewed according to the highest grossing films. Indiana Jones and Star Wars are the most popular.

4. Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom - Jonathan / Flickr.com

Nature and wildlife conservation are the two themes that stand out most in this park. It is also a leader in research and care for animals. It has different areas including the Oasis, the Minnie and Mickey Camp, Africa, Asia, Discovery Islan and Rafiki's Planet Watch.

1700 animals live and its highlight is the Tree of Life, a tree 44 meters high and 15 wide where 325 animals have been carved.

5. Univesal Studios

Universal Studios - Yasunobu HIRAOKA / Flickr.com

It opened in 1990 and It is aimed at movie, television and music lovers. You can, for example, tour the town of Springdfields of the Simpsons, and enjoy the scenes of movies like the Return of the Mummy, Men in Black, Twister, Terminator and Shrek.

6. Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure - Brett Kiger / Flickr.com

The main theme is exploration trips. You can visit its six islands: Seuss Landing, The Lost Continent, Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon, Marvel Super Hero Island and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In addition, it has one of the best roller coasters in Florida: The Hulk.

7. SeaWorld Orlando

Sea World - Christian Benseler / Flickr.com

The most important show in this park is called One Ocean. It also has the fastest roller coaster (reaches 100 km per hour) and a modern attraction called Journey to Atlantis, with a fall of 35 meters. He recently turned 50 years old and in its facilities you can see different marine animals. You can be a coach for a day and enjoy several interactive programs.

As each park should be visited at least 2 times (and still not all are completed), no doubt you will want to return to Orlando more than once.

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