The 10 warmest countries in the world

In cold countries, people opt for warm destinations when planning their vacations. But beware, there are places where the temperatures are so high that, what was thought was going to be something pleasant, can become a torture.

More than warm, suffocating

In order not to make mistakes when planning those days of leisure or adventure, we tell you which are the countries most warm of the world:

1. Iran

Kharanaq, Iran - MielnickiStudio

Iran, ancient Persia is a warm country throughout its territory. In some areas the average temperatures far exceed 40 degrees in the summer months, especially in the south.

But this is nothing if we compare it with what the thermometer can mark onthe desert of Dasht-e Lut, where they have reached 70 degrees Incredible!

2. Saudi Arabia

There is nothing warmer than a desert and Saudi Arabia is surrounded and covered by huge areas of dunes. It cannot be surprising, therefore, that it is a very hot country.

Seeing rain here is almost a miracle and summer temperatures can be around 54 degrees. A beautiful destination, but nothing advisable if you can't stand the heat well.

3. Algeria

Sahara Desert, Algeria - Denis Burdin

Another desert country and extremely warm. The average temperature of the country moves around 50 degrees. Suffocating heat is what you'll find here.

From the country, the hottest place is Salah. Located in the middle of the desert, during the day the thermometer will not fall below 35 degrees on the "cooler" days of winter, although at night the temperature collapses.

4. Oman

Like other countries in the Persian Gulf, the heat in Oman can be very overwhelming and the rain somewhat anecdotal.

But Oman is also one of the richest countries in the world. What does this mean? In which houses, hotel and commercial establishments and public transport are perfectly conditioned to make suffocating temperatures much more bearable.

5. Libya

Wadi Rum, Libya -Ahmad A Atwah

For many decades it was considered the warmest country in the world. One of the reasons has its own name: the Azizia desert, where temperatures that touched 60 degrees have been recorded and the average does not fall below 50.

6. Vietnam

In Vietnam, in the city of Hanoi, the average temperatures reach 45 degrees. But as uncomfortable as heat is humidity, which makes the environment much more suffocating. If you plan to visit this country, look carefully at the calendar.

“We enjoy the heat because we have felt the cold. We value light, because we know darkness. And we understand happiness because we have known sadness. ”

-David L. Weatherford-

7. India

Theirs are special weather conditions because of their situation. The Himalayan mountain range serves as a kind of wall, keeping the country warmer, while the Thar desert attracts the monsoons, providing the characteristic humidity.

India It has a short and rainy winter, which runs from November to January, and a long and sunny summer, from April to November. Its average temperatures? In the south they do not go down 25 degrees or in winter.

8. Iraq

It is a country of enormous contrasts: mountain areas where it is not difficult to see snow and desert places of almost extreme temperatures.

Nonetheless, most of its territory is warm weather, with temperatures that reach 50 degrees in summer, with averages that rarely fall below 40.

9. Botswana

Chobe National Park, Botswana - Gil.K

Located south of the African continent, this country suffers from the excesses of high temperatures. Drought and desertification only extreme weather conditions.

Curiously, it is the heat that attracts the vast majority of tourists, because it is in the warmer months when you can contemplate the wild life of the area in full boil.

10. Mexico

Another of the warmest countries on the planet, at least in a specific area: in lower California. There you can record temperatures above 45 degrees, although the humidity makes the sensation of heat much more overwhelming.

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