7 wonderful national parks of Germany

The beauty of Germany's nature, with all its diversity, is concentrated in its national parks, landscapes of singular beauty that are unique in the world. The natural places of Germany are waiting for you, come with us and enjoy your 7 best National Parks.

The 7 most beautiful national parks in Germany

Nature in its purest form! Germany's national parks are especially beautiful and worthy of preservation. Have a natural diversity of species, as well as a unique flora and fauna. Let's see its 7 best national parks:

1. Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park - Vaclav Volrab

This beautiful German national park is considered the oldest in Germany, was founded in 1970, and It has large areas of fir forests With streams and wild mountains.

Swamps and other wonders delight visitors in this beautiful protected area, It also has 200 kilometers of bike paths and 300 kilometers of hiking trails They are very well marked.

2. Black Forest National Park

Black Forest - Frank Fischbach

The forests of the Black Forest are dense and dark, it was named National Park in early May 2014. The heavy rainfall that this park receives makes the weather usually severe. It has fir forests, mountains, wetlands, depressions and breathtaking views of the Black Forest mountain ranges.

It has a great diversity, in the thick of its fir and beech forests you can find rare birds like grouse and the common European viper (endangered) has its home in the swamps of this national park.

You can take bike tours, excursions and winter sports, in addition to different options of guided tours.

3. Hainich National Park

Hainich National Park - hecke61

This park is known as the "jungle in the middle of Germany", is located in the state of Thuringia. It has dense forests full of vegetation and lots of wildlife, visitors can observe wild cats and other animals of interest.

It is ideal for activities such as trekking, since It has circuits for walkers, or travel in the middle of the tops of the tall trees thanks to some wonderful paths specially built for it.

4. Frisian Sea National Park in Hamburg

Friesland - TasfotoNL

This beautiful national park is determined by three islands and it is the smallest of the marsh national parks. It is the island of Neuwerk, covered with vegetation and inhabited by about 40 people, the island of dunes of Scharhörn and the artificial island of Nigehörn.

There more than 12,000 hectares of marshes are protected (herbaceous plant ecosystems that grow in water). You can take boat trips through them, where you can even find amber and where the visitor can run into large colonies of white-footed swallows, river and coast.

"What we are doing to the world's forests is a mirror of what we do to ourselves and others."

-Mahatma Gandhi-

5. National Park of the Western Pomeranian Lakes Region

Pomeranian Lakes - Andre Mueller

This national park is located in the state of Mecklenburg-Pomerania, It is the largest protected area of ​​the Baltic Sea and it is also called "Baltic Sea Lagoons". It is ideal for those who like both beaches and forests, as it has both landscapes.

It stands out for its exotic fauna, The marshes and waters of the national park are a place of passage for different types of migratory birds as, for example, of cranes, that each fall arrive by thousands on their way south. It also has spectacular panoramic points to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and dunes.

6. Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park - DaLiu

This national park is located in the state of Bavaria and was named by Unesco as part of the "Berchtesgaden Biosphere Reserve" in 1990. It is the only German national park in the Alps and covers an area of ​​more than 200 square kilometers.

In addition to its steep rocks, too It offers green meadows, lush forests and picturesque lakes. In its fauna you can find marmots, eagles and chamois among others.

7. Jasmund National Park

Cliffs of Rügen -RicoK

This national park is a nature reserve located in the north of the island Rügen, It is known for having the largest cliffs in Germany, which can reach 161 meters above sea level.

With only 30 square kilometers of surface, It is the smallest national park in the country, With centuries-old beech forests, where visitors can find many options to explore on foot or by bicycle.

Germany gives us in its national parks, green spaces that can be traveled on foot, by bicycle or by boat. Are unique places for those looking to enjoy nature and traveling to relax, incredible landscapes, worth visiting.

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