The paradise of the Mamanuca Islands

Within the great Pacific Ocean is a conglomerate of twenty volcanic atolls belonging to the Fiji, called the Mamanuca Islands. All of them are of a unique beauty, although the most popular are Malolo Lalai and Malolo.

At Mamanuca Islands It is only possible to access by the hand of small planes or by taking a boat from the port of nearby Denarau. This area is very touristy, so it has all kinds of commercial and lodging services such as restaurants and hotels. From this same geographical point one can approach the charming Yasawas Islands.

Mamanuca Islands: tribal name paradise

Tokoriki, Mamanuca Islands - Paul D'Ambra /

When you imagine idyllic white sand beaches with turquoise and transparent waters, Mamanuca has in mind. If we add to this an ideal temperature that allows you to take a bath or go scuba diving throughout the year between coral reefs, you could make sure that we have described paradise.

It is the perfect place for those looking for peace and tranquility, people who want to disconnect from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Nothing like a beautiful sunset of reddish hues and indescribable beauty to forget everything that worries us day by day and get carried away by good humor.

Mamanuca Islands - Malcolm Peacey /

If we do not even want to think about possible leisure activities we will be in luck, since its banks are full of spectacular resorts where we can hire excursions or go to varied shows.

As revealing curiosity in relation to the beauty of this enclave, it should be noted that the filmCastaway, starring Tom Hanks, was filmed in this place.

«And I know what I have to do now. I must keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide will bring?

-Fragment of Castawayby Tom Hanks-

Main islands

Malolo Lalai

Apparently, the English were the first who set their eyes and interests on this archipelago. Much of the population that still inhabits the area today is of Hindu origin for his cause. This is due to the transfer of slaves that the British made from India to this land.

Mamanuca Islands - Photo Image

Malolo Lalai is small in size, so it can be traveled in a very short period of time simply by walking. Hiking or cycling in this natural area is an unparalleled experience. In this way we will exercise our legs with the clear sky as our only roof.

Other sports activities of interest are water immersion and snorkeling, or even the practice of golf in its green meadows. Once it gets dark, there is nothing better than contemplating the brightness of the moon from a sun lounger hanging between two trees.


This paradise island of the South Pacific is larger than its sister. In her the explorer will discover lots of small and peculiar typical wooden houses region of. Apparently their owners have been complaining for years about the shortage of water and electricity, which gives us an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir remote situation.

Malolo, Mamanuca Islands - ITPhoto

Despite these problems, the locals possess a charming and affable character. In fact, it is common for travelers to comment that the inhabitants of this territory have an extraordinary good mood. It is likely that this is due to the pleasant and friendly reception that the tourist receives from him, so warm that the newcomer ends up feeling part of the island's population.

It is advisable to get glasses and a diving tube to contemplate the seabed at water level, so we can delight in the immense variety of colorful fish that populate it. Here it is also possible to surf.


If what we prefer is to get away from the social bustle and enjoy an unusual place, we must go by barge to one of the atolls that are still uninhabited. Monuriki is one of those islands that are deserted.

Monuriki, Mamanuca Islands - Diagonal Uno /

It has few beaches but all of them are magnificent. Lacking regular residents, it is plagued by thick and immense vegetation. No wonder its corals and cliffs are lavish. However, its tides are so docile that they bring enormous calm and serenity.

We can emulate the protagonist of the famous work of Daniel Defoe which inspired the movie we mentioned, explore the surroundings and, if we have time, make our own doll from a coconut.

Beautiful and magical, this is the Mamanuca Islands

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