5 awesome places in Belgium

It is a small country that comes out a lot in the news, especially its capital, Brussels, but not too much in travel programs. And yet Belgium is a place that has towns, enclaves and cities full of charm They really surprise the traveler.

1. Leuven

Leuven is not the most famous tourist city in Belgium. There would have to appear Bruges and Ghent, really beautiful, but that we are not going to visit here to discover other less known places. One of them would be Leuven A university city for centuries and, therefore, fun and vital.

Leuven - Ana del Castillo

There are many things to see in Leuven, such as its beautiful town hall or the neighboring church of San Pedro.

But nevertheless, We recommend you go to the Oude Markt, a large square full of bars. In fact, in the tourist brochures they call it the longest bar in the world.

Y In any of these establishments the typical Belgian drink is lacking: beer, from which hundreds of brands are manufactured. Already only in Leuven up to 30 different, and among them the famous Stella Artois.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

-Benjamin Franklin-

2. Dinant

Dinant is perhaps the most beautiful core in the country. In a landscape as flat as the Belgian, this city is suddenly discovered, nestled between the rocks of the Ardennes and the banks of the river Meuse, through which you can make a river cruise.

Dinant - Sergey Novikov

Its size is small, making it ideal for an excursion. If you do it like this, don't forget to go up to his castle and go through the Charles de Gaulle bridge, on the way to the Maison Leffe (by the way, another prominent brand of Belgian beers).

On that route you will be surprised that there are a lot of saxophones. Logical, here was born Adolphe Sax, creator of this instrument.

3. Noisy Castle

This castle, located in Celles, always appears in any list made with enchanted castles. And the truth is that its dark silhouette and the surrounding forests make it easy for the imagination to create all kinds of fantasies. To this we must add, its semi-abandoned aspect, some rooms on the way to ruin, and all this wrapped in the typical mists of northern Europe.

Noisy Castle - Luuk de Kok

And if it was not enough, this castle was also an orphanage in the past What else do friends of mystery want to elucidate with spirits and ghosts?

4. Oudenaarde

If you're Cycling enthusiast will sound this population closely linked to the spring race of the Tour of Flanders. In fact, if so, you should visit the Center Ronde van Vlaanderen, a museum dedicated to that career. Although it is not the only one renowned here, since its Retro Ronde is also famous, in vintage plan.

Oudenaarde - skyfish

But apart from giving pedals, in this flamenco population you can also visit an important historical heritage with several churches such as San Walburgo, San Martín and San Vedast, in addition to an impressive City Hall building.

On the other hand, you will see that in the city are the footprints of Carlos I, here known as Carlos V, who, Belgian by birth, often returned to this city, where some of his lovers lived.

5. The Brussels Comic Museum

We cannot finish this list of impressive places in Belgium without mentioning somewhere in Brussels. You could name several, but we will choose to recommend the Comic Museum. The comic is the ninth art in the country. From here Tintin, the Smurfs or Lucky Luke have left, among hundreds of other characters. To discover them, it is best to enter this fun museum in Brussels.

Comic Book Route, Brussels - Lin Mei Follow / Flickr.com

But if you feel like it later you can do the Comic Book Route through the city, since both the center and the neighborhoods have large facades, solar and chamfers with wall paintings that evoke the great creators of the comic. Following this route is really an ideal way to discover all of Brussels.

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