Cyprus, the entire Mediterranean on an island

The island of Cyprus offers everything that comes to mind when the Mediterranean is mentioned as a travel destination. That is to say, the Cypriot island is an ancient historical space, it is a place with a most peaceful climate in which large and attractive beaches stand out for resting or for fun and, of course, it has an abundant tourist offer.

The attractions of Cyprus

Then we will present very briefly all those attractive Cypriots that are numerous and also varied, since It is possible to visit beautiful cities and towns, as well as enjoy its coasts, and even take good hiking Inside the island.

Cypriot cities

Paphos - Leonid Andronov

The geographical location of Cyprus must be assessed to understand its historical values. Cyprus is in the Eastern Mediterranean and therefore it has been a piece of land through which the great ancient cultures have passed, from East and West, from Asia, from Africa and from Europe. That is, it has everything to be really fascinating.

And above all this valuable historical heritage is preserved in the large cities of the island such as Larnaca, Limassol or Nicosia. There you will walk before fortresses and castles that tell us about bloody battles, but you also see temples all the cultures that have passed through here, that is, there are Catholic and Orthodox churches, but also Anglicans or mosques.

Buyuk Han, Nicosia - ms. octopus

Examples of all this can be the castle of Kolossi or the mosque of Allah Sultan, near the so-called Salt Lake. Or the mural paintings that are preserved in the churches scattered throughout the Troodos region. Not to mention the abundance of impressive archeological sites or legacies such as the Kamares aqueduct that financed the Pasha in the 18th century.

«Remember that nature has given us two ears and one mouth to teach us that it is better to hear than to speak.»

-Citio zenon-

The best beaches in Cyprus

In the surroundings of the city of Larnaca is the most famous and visited tourist complex in the country. We are talking about Aya Napa, without a doubt one of the most attractive places in the entire Mediterranean, both to relax completely and to get in shape practicing water sports, and even to spend the night with the lively night of the Cypriot coast.

Aya Napa - Marcin Krzyzak

However, another interesting coastal area is Pafos, where the beach can be combined with the visit to one of the main monuments of the country: the Tomb of the Kings of Paphos. And if you are looking for a more serene and less visited coast, you have to go to the Akama peninsula, in the east, where the beautiful coves of Polis await us.

Natural tourism in Cyprus

Mount Olympus - mishu

This last area of ​​the coast requires good walks to the different beaches, so that the beach and hiking are combined. But if you want to make a purer and also a little tougher excursion, then your destination is to ascend to the summit of Mount Olympus at about 2,000 meters altitude.

A walk through the Mediterranean forest that offers brutal panoramic views of the surroundings. In addition, it provides that strange sensation of being able to step on snow, and after the rapid descent again to be sunbathing on the banks of the Mare Nostrum.

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