We visit the best museums in London

The British capital is a city that has a great cultural offer and has some of the most important monuments on the planet. The good thing is that in many of the museums in London you will not have to pay a single pound to enter, They are mostly free. Let's meet them so you can choose which ones to visit.

London Museums that you should not miss

Get ready because this visit starts in the best museums in London. A unique trip that you will never forget.

1. British Museum

British Museum - José María Mateos / Flickr.com

This is the most recognized museum in the city and one of the most important in the world. Visiting it is almost obligatory. First of all, consider that it is an antique center.

Highlights the part of the museum dedicated to Ancient Egypt, which after the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the most complete. Among his main works is the Rosetta Stone. Another attraction is the mummies.

2. National Gallery

National Gallery - andersphoto

The most famous painting museum in London and one of the most famous in the world. It is located in Trafalgar Square and has more than 2,300 works. They highlight the Venus of the Mirror from Velázquez or The Baptism of Christ by Piero della Francesca.

Entrance is free, although some temporary exhibitions are paid.

3. Madame Tussauds

To talk about this wax museum is to make it the most famous in the world. It is paid and admission is certainly not cheap, but it is recommended. It is best to go to the hours that there are less tourists, because the lines are usually several hours.

The museum is quite large and the statues are sorted by sections. The truth is that many of them are almost exact replicas. It is worth it without a doubt.

4. Tate Modern

This is the British National Museum of Modern Art. It is situated in what was the former power station of Bankside, in the Southwark of London.

It is one of the centers of modern art that has more visitors in the world. Further, in it you can enjoy works by Picasso, Miró or Rodin. Admission is free.

"A museum is a place to lose your mind."

- Renzo Piano -

5. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum - m01229 / Flickr.com

It has a large collection that consists of more than 70 million objects related to nature. Here you can see from life-size dinosaur skeletons to dissected or fossil mammals.

It highlights a life-size recreation of the famous blue whale that will surprise by its dimensions. It is best to see the section The Power Within, which is an interactive experience where you learn the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes. It is a very interesting museum, no doubt.

6. Victoria and Albert Museum

It is the largest art and design museum on the planet. It has an extensive collection of Asian and European decorative art. It is a museum too big to want to see everything in one day, so we advise you to go quietly and get lost seeing the objects. It is also free.

7. Sherlock Holmes Museum

We are facing a house-museum that is dedicated to the life of the famous British detective Shlerlock Holmes. It has 3 floors, where you can see the bed where he discussed with Watson the hypotheses and other belongings.

Literature lovers strongly recommend it, as it is a very careful place that fits perfectly with the story of the famous detective.

8. Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms - Loz Pycock / Flickr.com

An important visit, where you can know the bunker where Churchill made some of the most important decisions in history in World War II. It has been preserved very carefully and is excellently set.

You can see the control room, as well as the room where Churchill was. There is also an interactive museum that tells the story of this great politician along with events of his life. It is a paid visit, but it is recommended for its high historical value.

9. Wallace Collection

As with most London Museums, The Wallace Collection is free to enter. It is located in a beautiful historic house that has 25 galleries in which you can see 18th century French painting, Italian majolica and a collection of armor.

As well we discover among its treasures an excellent collection of Rembrandt's paintings. But luckily, it is not as crowded by tourists as other London galleries and has a magnificent art proposal.

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