The Coppedè neighborhood, a completely different Rome

We all have a few typical images of Rome as a city full of archeological remains, wonderful churches and romantic fountains. As well, far away from the topics is the Coppedè neighborhood, a different but equally attractive place. A set of streets with their own personality whose visit we recommend for your next trip to Rome.

The architect Gino Coppedè

To be exact we would have to say that the Coppedè neighborhood is in turn within a much wider and residential neighborhood, such as the Triste Salario district. And there, in the center, is an architectural complex of 26 mansions and 17 villas which constitute the Quartiere Coppedè proper.

Coppedè neighborhood - Manlio Tommaso Gaddi /

In those constructions built between 1913 and 1926 different architectural styles are mixed. Elements of modernism and art deco can be seen, as well as very historicist forms that recall ancient, medieval, baroque or oriental works.

And among all this tidal wave of architecture, a great ornate arch stands out, linking the two palaces called Ambassadors. Well, in that arc there is a huge lamp designed by Gino Coppedè that gives its name to the entire neighborhood.

Piazza Mincio of Rome

Fontana de las Ranas - EPERO

Speaking of Rome, archifamosa squares like Piazza Navona or the staircase of the Plaza de España come to mind. Much less known is the Piazza Mincio which is the heart of this Roman area. There in its center you can see the Fontana de las Ranas, whose name is due to the figure of 12 frogs.

By the way, if the Trevi Fountain is famous for a movie bath, also in this Fountain of the Frogs there was a memorable bath. Something the Beatles did when they left a concert at a nearby venue.

Around the Plaza Mincio

Coppedè neighborhood - Livioandronico2013 /

Before reaching this square it is advisable to take a walk on the Viale Regina Margherita until reaching Via Tagliamento. From there it is where we have the best view of the arch we have cited, which becomes the spectacular entrance to this Roman neighborhood.

And once in the square and contemplated its Fontana de las Ranas, let yourself go and turn to contemplate the panorama. Each house is different, but surely there are two that attract your attention.

The Spider's Mansion

Surprising this building whose architecture seems to move us to ancient Babylon, since its forms are inspired by the treasures of the remote Assyrian culture.

And why "spider"? The answer becomes obvious when contemplating its facade and seeing one of these bugs at a gigantic size as a decoration.

The Fairy Chalet

Fairy Chalet - Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose /

The second of the buildings that attracts attention is the Chale de las Hadas, which you can imagine by name It is a waste of fantasy inspired by medieval architecture. A construction in which different materials were used to give it that unique and free appearance.

«An architect is a dream artist.»

- Grace McGarvie -

The fantasy of the Coppedè neighborhood

Coppedè neighborhood - yorksranter /

When walking through this area of ​​the city, without a doubt The feeling we get is to walk through a space dominated by the fantasy of its architect. A place where creative freedom allowed unique constructions, different from each other, and therefore interesting.

Of course, the Coppedè neighborhood is a place to be included in the list of places to visit during a trip to Rome.