Giethoorn, a true fantasy town in Holland

It is known as the "Venice of the Netherlands" and, although distinct, is equally charming. Giethoorn is an idyllic town, crossed by canals where boats are the means of transport par excellence and where peace and nature reigns. We tell you all about Giethoorn, a charming town in Holland that seems to have come out of a fairy tale.

Giethoorn, a unique town

This beautiful town, located in the province of Overijssel (120 kilometers from Amsterdam), is increasingly popular with local and foreign tourists. One of the main features of Giethoorn is that there is no traffic, at least four wheels, the neighbors and the visitors cross it in canoes or boats and for that reason it is compared with Venice.

Giethoorn - ariadna de raadt

The town was founded in the 13th century and it has no streets suitable for the car (nor any other similar vehicle). If you want to walk around Giethoorn you will have to leave it parked outside and follow the route with other means of transport.

By boat, by bicycle or on foot, it is worthwhile to walk quietly Giethoorn. And you may need time, since It has almost 100 kilometers of canals, crossed by 176 bridges.

A place where tranquility reigns

Without the noise of wheeled vehicles, This is one of the most peaceful places you can find.A place where practically only the song of the birds is heard, the rest is silence. A place, therefore, perfect to relax.

Giethoorn - yanugkelid

And although it seems the opposite, This water town offers all the necessary infrastructure to enjoy a spectacular weekend, from accommodation to restaurants, shops of all kinds, etc.

Further, Depending on the time of the year we visit Giethoorn we can enjoy different activities. For example, in summer life revolves around water and in winter everyone practices ice skating. In any season we can take walks around to admire the natural landscape.

Visiting Giethoorn

It is difficult to understand how an area of ​​swampy land has become a beautiful town like this. The typical thatched roof houses and well-kept gardens (where tulips are not lacking) run along the canal line and can be accessed through its bridges. Many of these homes are on small islands surrounded by water. Most of the bridges were built by neighbors to communicate with each other.

Giethoorn - Gaspar Janos

The canals were excavated a few centuries ago to transport peat, an organic material used as fuel. Later in time, in 1958, Giethoorn became famous when the comedy was filmed here Fanfare from filmmaker Bert Haanstra. To tour the city you can rent a “punter” (gondola) that is driven with long sticks called “punterboom” like those in Venice.

In addition to getting lost between canals and bridges, we recommend the following activities and attractions of Giethoorn:

1. Water sports

The lagoons of Zuideindigerwijdde and Bovenwijde are located near the village, as well as the lakes of Belterwijde and Beulakerwijde. In these mirrors of water different events and sports championships are held.

2. Museums

Giethoorn - ariadna de raadt

The town has several museums. The most prominent is Uus Maat Olde, an original farm of the year 1800 which exhibits an exhibition called "100 years living and working in Giethoorn". The farm is very well set and includes a mill.

We can also visit the shipyards Schreur and Wildeboer (where the punters were built), the Tierra Vieja Museum (of precious stones and minerals) and the Car Museum (with vehicles of all kinds including skates).

3. Festivals

In the summer months we can enjoy different events in Giethoorn. On June 12, the popular street market is held in the Steenwijkerwold-Beulakerweg. The summer market of Eendrachtsplein is celebrated on July 30 and from August 6 to 7 the village festivals and gondola sailing on the Dwarsgracht.

«Certainly, traveling is more than seeing things; it is a change that continues, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. »

-Mary Ritter Beard-

Further, in the vicinity of Giethoorn is El Wieden National Park, with its 6000 hectares that house swamps, lagoons, reeds, wet meadows and intense vegetation.

Video: Giethoorn ''Village in the Netherlands'' (April 2020).