Bocas del Toro, a spectacular paradise in Panama

Panama is one of the most developed countries in Central America. A tropical enclave with an indescribable beauty and with archipelagos formed by hundreds of islands waiting for you to meet them. In Bocas del Toro you will find some of the most beautiful islands you can imagine.Little paradises we want to show you.

How to get to Bull's mouths

Although you can fly from Panama City, as a general rule flights are expensive. Since you just arrived in the country, We recommend you to travel by bus or rent a car To start the adventure on the right foot.

Bocas del Toro - Seaphotoart

If you go by bus you will have to get to David's bus station and from there take one that will take you to Changuinola. It is here where you must take a boat that will leave you on Isla Colon, an island with a Jamaican atmosphere that you will love.

Already on this island, you can find pensions and hostels at a good price and very clean, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on lodging.

Already there is only the most important thing: buy a pack to visit all the islands you can in one day. If you are a group, it will be cheaper, because it is possible that the boat is only for you. If you go as a couple or alone, join a group or wait for people to be left and they will be empty, it will be very well priced.

The boys of the boats will offer you several tours of different islands. We tell you which are the best, so you can enjoy an idyllic place.

What islands to see in Bocas del Toro

In Bocas del Toro there are about 10 main islands and as many smaller keys. The most visited islands for their beauty are the following:

1. Cayo Zapatilla

Cayo Zapatilla - Authentic travel

This is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago.. It is practically deserted, if it were not for a ranger who watches over her and the workers of a picnic area.

It is an ideal place to see species of animals, marine or terrestrial, beautiful. For example, on this island you can snorkel and deepboard, to enjoy corals and sea turtles. On the trip to the island you will see dolphins and within it it will be easy for you to find lazy bears.

«The sea is an old language that I can no longer decipher».

-Jorge Luis Borges-

2. Estrella Island

Famous for the beautiful color of its waters and for being full of starfish. Be careful not to step on them and, above all, if you want to take a picture with them, do not take them out of the water.

The palm trees that form the island are not wasted, and its strange forms will encourage you to photograph yourself with them. Don't resist!

3. Red Frog

Red Frog Beach - ian woolcock

Or what is the same, the Red Frog Island, and this tiny frog is only found here. The island, also bathed by the Caribbean, like all of Bocas del Toro, is beautiful and has a very wide stretch of shore. There is a small viewpoint on the beach ideal for taking photos.

4. Dolphin Island

Although this is not a spectacular island, the characteristic and interesting thing about it is that on the way to the place you are very likely to see dolphins.You know that dolphins are in droves, so the show will be beautiful if you have a little patience.

5. Isla Pájaros

Birds Island - Evelyn Dutra

It is composed of three rock in which you can hardly walk, but are surrounded by birds all the time. Although you will not be able to get off the boat to inspect them, you will enjoy the views very much.

And if you can, approach the hot springs of Mimitimbi, An incredible beauty that you will enjoy to the fullest. Ask who takes you on your tour of the archipelago that makes you price for approaching this place, it is worth it.

Panama is an amazing country and Bocas del Toro one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Do not hesitate to spend a vacation in this beautiful Central American country and enjoy it to the fullest by entering its most remote corners.

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