Beware the Edinburgh One O'Clock Gun

If you walk quietly through Edinburgh and suddenly you hear a rumble, don't be alarmed. At one o'clock the One O'Clock Gun cannon serves its purpose.The reason? It is used as a clock by the inhabitants of the city. We tell you his curious story. Do not miss it!

One O'Clock Gun, an old practice

It is a shot that the One O'clock Gun makes promptly at one in the afternoon, It only falls silent on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas. Y his shot is not a whim or a warning, but has its raison d'être, a most curious story.

One O'Clock Gun - Bob Jamieson /

The idea is a variation of a practice that was carried out in France. First a watch face was installed on the Nelson monument, on top of Calton Hill, with a ball that fell at one. In this way, the captains of the ships could set their clocks on time, something essential for navigation.

But nevertheless, the Scottish weather made that visual signal not always visible from the sea. In that way, he devised to accompany her with something that neither fog nor rain could hide. What could be simpler and simpler than a loud sound from the ground? A sound so loud that it was able to transport its waves to the high seas.

A) Yes, on June 7, 1861 the One O'Clock Gun was fired for the first time, previously informing the sailors that said auditory signal would indicate thereafter 1 noon. And so it has been indicating since then.

"You can be late, but time will not."

-Benjamin Franklin-

Some curiosities and interesting facts

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The first of the curiosities has to do with the ammunition of the cannon. This has been changing over the years, changing and adapting to the needs of the new times. And today, the weight and diameter of the bullet have been greatly reduced.

Another interesting fact is the point where the canyon is. And, therefore, from which the shots occur. Its location is excellent, in one of the highest areas of the Scottish capital. The walls of Edinburgh Castle are responsible for hosting such a significant event.

It should also be noted that for almost three decades, the one in charge of launching the shot was Tam el Gun. He did not stop doing any of the days he was commissioned, until he died in 2005.

Edinburgh Castle, a magical building

It is on the top of a hill that centuries ago was formed by the lava of a volcanoThat is the spectacular settlement of the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, unique in its class. It is one of the most significant and visited buildings in the city. 

Edinburgh Castle - Samot

In addition to having all the comforts and rooms that any castle of the time had, this construction hides some curiosities.

One of them, for example, is very significant, the fortress has its own unique pet cemetery. It has been for centuries, when soldiers lived under siege between their walls. There they could rest in peace to their dearest friends, usually dogs. This gives us an idea of ​​how considerate and pleasant the Scots have always been.

Legends and ghost stories

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However, of all the stories that surround it, there is none like the one dedicated to the superstitious. And is that, If you are a student, you better not pass in front of the castle stalls before any exam. It is known by all the inhabitants of the city that if you do you will have bad luck and you will suspend.

This story is so funny and unique many others that are not so. Most legends have to do with ghosts, those of people who had a cruel death in the past.

It is rumored that hundreds of women accused of witches perished burned or strangled on the esplanade of the castle. Your ghosts may still bewitch the place. A ghost with its own name is that of the lover of Mary of Scotland, David Rizzio, whom the king ordered to kill.

He is not alone, other ghostly beings accompany him in his wanderings. The stories that are told about the Green Lady and the Lone Piper stand out.