Tips for living in Malaga, an Andalusian jewel

There are many surveys on the quality of life in some places or others. As well, Living in Malaga is always an option that appears in the top positions of the Spanish and European rankings. Why? Because it is a city and a province that has everything. An extraordinary climate, sea, mountain, cultural life, joy, excellent gastronomy, services and much more.

Live in Malaga and enjoy to the fullest

That is the best advice we can give you, both those who think of living in Malaga and those who already do. However, the atmosphere that surrounds everything invites it.

Pedregalejo - nito

Either because with the good weather life is done on the street or because people are friendly and talkative by nature, the truth is that Life here is enjoyed and it is very fun.

"This place has a divine light, and the weather is one of the best in southern Europe."

-Ernest Hemingway-

Sea or mountain

If you can choose, that is the first question one should ask if one thinks of living in Malaga. We cannot advise you which is better, because both options are magnificent, but we can give you some clues of what awaits you.

Enjoy the sea breeze

Marbella - Bartkowski

For those who like the sea, the coast of Malaga, that is, the Costa del Sol, is one of the preferred destinations in all of Europe. And that is due to its great beaches and its privileged climate with more than 300 sunny days a year.

The problem is usually the price of housing, Especially by the sea. And also that the high season can be overwhelming by the amount of tourists who spend their holidays in this area.

Breathing mountain airs

Ronda - Marques

On the other hand, if you like the mountain, the province of Malaga can also be an excellent place to live. For example in the Serranía de Ronda. The advantage is that life can be cheaper here, although in smaller villages the communication is not as fluid as in the coast.

More tips to live in Malaga

Do sports

Choose one area or another, to live in Malaga and make the most of the territory you have to be fond of sports in nature. It would be a shame to waste that coast so as not to practice water sports, Starting from ports such as Benalmádena, Nerja or Marbella.

As well as you have to do some hiking or mountain biking for places as surprising as the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves, on the other hand as close to the coast.

Eat a healthy diet.

To practice these sports it is essential to have a balanced diet, something that is easy to achieve in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAndalusia. Living in Malaga means eating good fish and seafood, washed down with excellent olive oil. As well as popular gastronomy, it offers numerous dishes based on fruits and vegetables.

Become fond of cultural events

Pompidou Center - Karen Bryan /

Yes. If you are not a regular at exhibitions or certain shows, when living in Malaga We recommend that you become a regular because you will have many and very varied within reach.

Even more if you live in the capital, since here alone with its great museums you can already be happy many days of the year. Here is the Pompidou Center, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the old Roman theater and the Picasso Museum, in honor of the most universal malagueño.

Finally, relax

Depending on where you come from, you may quickly appreciate that Here is another rhythm of life, of course much more relaxed. The only and the best solution is to connect to it.

Imitate your neighbors, who, thanks to the good weather, make their life on the street, chat without hurrying each other, they take something fresh and try not to stress for almost nothing. This is another great tip for those who are lucky enough to live in Malaga.

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