7 enchanted forests that will leave you trapped

Imagine walking through a thick forest at night, it sounds scary, right? Now imagine that you travel through some of the most famous enchanted forests and mysterious of the world, would you dare? If so, continue reading and join us in this chilling adventure through some of the enchanted forests more terrifying, are we going?

Would you dare to enter these enchanted forests?

1. Pembrey Forests

Pembrey Forest - rhedeg.co.uk /Flickr.com

We begin our tour in the forests of Pembrey, in Carmarthenshire, Wales. In this forest there was a fort in which, apparently, lived a gang that was responsible for sowing terror Among the forest visitors.

History states that these young people robbed everyone they could. Although they are no longer there, some visitors have claimed to have encountered the ghosts of this criminal group.

2. Freetown State Forest

Located in the United States, in Massachusetts, It is a sacred forest for Native Americans. These lands were bought by the State in 1659, but the Wampanoag tribe did not like this deal, so they cursed the place. It is said that paranormal phenomena have occurred here ranging from ghostly and UFO appearances to the presence of Big Foot.

3. Derring Forest

Pluckley - Fab738 / Flickr.com

The Derring Forest, Also known as the screaming forest, it is one of the scariest places you can meet. It is located in Pluckley, United Kingdom. People who have visited him say that they have heard with total clarity cries and cries from people who are no longer on this earthly plane, hence the nickname for which he is known.

Legend has it that these lands were bewitched by a traveler. Apparently, he was intercepted by a group of criminals, robbed and then nailed to a tree, piercing him with a sword. The man shouted and lamented until his last breath, hence the screams that are usually heard in the place.

4. The forest of Aokigahara

Aokigahara Forest - Sean Pavone

Without a doubt, the Aokigahara forest is one of the scariest places in the world. Also known as the forest of suicides, It is one of the favorite places for the Japanese to take their own lives. This forest, located in the shadow of Mount Fuji, is the second place in the world where more people take their lives.

Around 30 people commit suicide here annually. There are those who say that this place became "fashionable" after the novel Nami no To It will end with a couple taking their own lives in the forest of Aokigahara. The truth is that villagers often make beats to recover the bodies and at the same time put up posters that urge not to reach such a drastic performance. Would you visit this dark forest?

5. The Epping Forest

Epping Forest - martin_vmorris / Flickr.com

Located in Essex, England, United Kingdom, This forest is known as the den of a famous thief who made his own in the eighteenth century. Apparently, Richard "Dick" Turpin's ghost continues in this place.

To this is added that the forest, due to its proximity to London, It has been used as a mortuary for several serial killers. Would you dare to visit it?

6. Old House Forest

Located in Virginia, United States, we find this enchanted forest, whose history dates back to the time of the American Civil War. This forest was one of the most frequented places by pro-revolutionaries. Those who have visited him say they have observed some appearances of soldiers and even their horses.

7. The Wistman's Forest

Whistman's Forest - Rosebud 23 / Flickr.com

The Wistman's forest has no extraordinary stories about supernatural beings. However, we include it in our list because its rocks and trunks covered with green moss make it look like a completely enchanted place where magical characters like elves, nogmos and fairies could live. Without a doubt, it is about the most beautiful and special forests that you can know.

«Deep in its roots, all flowers keep the light.»

-Theodore Roethke-

These seven enchanted forests have much more than their natural beauty. The stories and legends make these places something unique and special, would you like to visit them?

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