The 12 countries of the world where it is colder

We will know the countries of the world where it is colder, so take your coat. We march to places where low temperatures reign and snow and cold tend to be the main protagonists. Put on your warmest clothes, the best hat and good boots. We don't want you to get bad. We start!

The countries of the world where it is colder

Start the trip through the countries of the world where it is colder. Y We start with a truly icy place. Take note!

1. Antarctica

Antarctica - skeeze /

It is not properly a country, but one of the farthest and coldest places on our planet. With temperatures so low, it is logical that no one can live there permanently.

We are facing a really amazing place, full of magic and ice cream, since temperatures of -90ºC have been reached. If you really want to feel the real cold, spending a day or two at the polar stations is the most appropriate, although getting there is not easy.

2. Canada

Moraine Lake, Canada - Ferenc Cegledi

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. We are facing a place where temperatures reach -40º C.

However, it is one of the richest nations in the world, so getting here is simple. In addition, the landscapes are unforgettable. If you want extreme experiences, the coldest town in all of North America is in Yukon, with -63º C registered.

3. Estonia

In this small European country, quite remarkable cold is installed and snow is the usual companion from December to March. The usual in winter are average temperatures touching 0ºC and up to -7º C in some areas. In return, you can enjoy huge forests full of snow and most authentic villages.

4. Finland

Finland - Taiga

The country that is further north of the old continent. Four months are the ones covered by snow, lowering temperatures to -45º C. There are all kinds of activities, for example, from going on typical dog sleds to snowmobiles or skiing. Boredom is impossible.

5. Kazakhstan

Temperate summers and winters that freeze bones. All this in landscapes full of snow-capped mountains and lush forests where frost is present many months a year.

6. Iceland

Iceland - Giantrabbit

The island has a cool climate even in summer. In winter they are usually between -20 and -30 degrees. Of course, natural landscapes are print, with glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls.

7. Mongolia

Low temperatures in a country that everyone who visits highlights how welcoming its people are, perhaps because not everyone gets there. Indirectly, many people pass through Mongolia to go to China or Siberia, but few remain in this attractive place, no doubt a great unknown.

8. Alaska, United States

Alaska - Feng Yu

The northernmost state of the United States is one of the coldest places. We do not include the whole country, but this extreme region. There are sites that have reached -62º C, but normal are minimum of -30º C.

9. Norway

The rich country of northern Europe has areas that can reach -40º C. If you are afraid of so cold, you have its coastal areas below, with milder weather, although it rains more. A beautiful country, but also expensive.

10. Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden - Rikard Stadler

In this country heat is not passed either. Yes, In the area of ​​the Gulf of Sweden, winters tend to be milder than in other neighboring countries. In the north, the cold below zero does not forgive for several months.

«We need to touch and be touched, to perceive on the skin the hot tongue of the tropics and the scratch of the nails of the glacial cold ... The trip is, above all, a sensual and sentimental adventure».

-Javier Reverte-

11. Russia

Another country in the world where it is colder. The lowest temperature in the country's history was -72º C. Russia is an immense country, but of great beauty, which you will enjoy if you like snow. Immense landscapes where each photo can be a postcard.

12. Greenland, Denmark

Greenland - Barni1 -

It is the largest island on the planet, but also the coldest. Most of the year is covered with snow and winters last almost 300 days. Although it is an autonomous region, it belongs to Denmark, which is also not turkey mucus in terms of cold.

As you could see, the world has places where conditions are really hard to live, but that, in return, offer the tourist some fantastic places that help you to live new sensations and to know cultures that are authentic survivors.

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