7 places to see in Tortosa, Tarragona

Tortosa is a beautiful city of Tarragona, considered as the capital of the Bajo Ebro region. It is known for being an episcopal headquarters and having an important agricultural, industrial and commercial center. But in Tortosa There is much to see and do. We want to show you.

1. Tortosa Cathedral

Tortosa Cathedral - Tomàs Badia Navarro / Flickr.com

Tortosa Cathedral is one of the treasures of this city. It began to be built in the 14th century, although it was not finished until the 18th. It is next to the castle of La Suda, and they are both known as 'the inseparable couple'.

Its foundations are on what was the Roman forum. The same place where a Visigoth temple, a mosque and a Romanesque church would be built before the cathedral was built. Can you imagine the story that has that floor?

Obviously, the cathedral has examples of the architectural styles of the times it went through, so you will find yourself in a non-homogeneous building, but very interesting. Inside you will discover a permanent exhibition that allows you to learn more about Torosa and its history.

Just in front is the Episcopal Palace. It is a building where you can admire a beautiful courtyard and climb a peculiar staircase that will take you to a beautiful chapel.

2. Suda Castle

Suda Castle - Iakov Filimonov

This mid-10th century castle was built as a Muslim fortress over the ancient Roman acropolis. It is the only open-air Arab cemetery in Catalonia.

After the Reconquest it was jail and royal residence. Modified over the centuries, today it is a Parador de Turismo and an ideal place to enjoy incredible views, not only from the back of the cathedral, but from the whole area.

At the foot of the castle you can enjoy the Prince's gardens, an ideal place to spend an afternoon and relax. You can also admire a whole collection of beautiful sculptures and access the old medieval wall, another of the city's treasures.

3. Tortosa Jewry

Tortosa - Iakov Filimonov

Given the history of the ground where the cathedral stands, it is obvious that there are many cultures that have passed through Tortosa over the centuries. And the Jews left their mark, which remains in the neighborhood in which they lived. A Jewish quarter with narrow and labyrinthine streets that still retains its medieval airs.

4. Royal Colleges

Royal Colleges - Noradoa

It is one of the most beautiful examples of civil architecture of the Renaissance that you can admire in Catalonia. They were founded by order of Carlos V, and throughout history they had a prominent role as an embryo of university studies in Theology, Philosophy and Art. Today it houses the Renaissance Interpretation Center.

The complex consists of three buildings: the school of San Jaime and San Matías, that of San Jorge and Santo Domingo and the church of Santo Domingo.

5. The palaces of Tortosa

Episcopal Palace - Manel Zaera / Flickr.com

Tortosa lived a time of great splendor and of her there is still the memory in the form of palaces and noble houses. Unbridled urbanism and war made some disappear, but fortunately, others have been preserved.

Among them we can highlight the Montagut, the Campmany, Abària's or Oliver de Boteller's, although there are some more that are also worth discovering.

6. Monastery of Santa Clara

Founded in 1283, it is the oldest convent in Tortosa and one of the first that this order established in Catalonia. During the Civil War it was partially destroyed, but part of its Gothic cloister is still preserved.

7. Municipal Market

It is built on the banks of the Ebro between 1884 and 1887 has a very particular eclectic style. It has a single ship, with a metal structure designed by Joan Torras i Guardiola, which they called "the Catalan Eiffel". A unique building that will get your attention.

"Nothing develops both intelligence and travel."

-Emile Zola-

This has been our visit to this city of Tarragona. But Tortosa still has other things to offer you, from the monument to the battle of the Ebro to some interesting museums. Therefore, we are sure that you will enjoy the most visiting this town.

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