5 beaches of Las Palmas to visit

If you visit Gran Canaria, you have to know its capital in order to enjoy the beaches of Las Palmas, among many other attractions that the city has. And we say Las Palmas beaches, because without leaving its term there are several and of different characteristics. So it is impossible not to find one that suits your tastes and those of any traveler.

Las Palmas beaches for the whole year

Las Canteras Beach - Simon Dannhauer

One of the conditions that make the Canary Islands archipelago a privileged corner for tourism is an extraordinary climate. Thanks to this meteorological bonanza, any date can be good to undertake a trip to the islands and, of course, also to Gran Canaria.

Perhaps there, the best known area is its southern zone with nuclei like the famous Maspalomas. But the capital of Gran Canaria is a discovery. Do not miss it! And of course, take a dip in one of the five beaches of Las Palmas: Las Canteras, El Confital, La Laja, Alcaravaneras or San Cristóbal.

Las Canteras Beach

Las Canteras Beach - tb-photography

This is the busiest and most famous of the beaches of Las Palmas. Las Canteras beach is kilometric and is integrated into the city itself. It becomes somehow the great square for the population and also for all visitors, who arrive from any corner of the planet.

It is a sandy beach with very calm waters, considering that sometimes the Atlantic Ocean can be very aggressive. And it is that in front of the coast the one known as “bar” is developed, which is a natural lava barrier that placates the waves.

Las Canteras is a very familiar beach that also has the long promenade on Avenida de las Canteras, with a great leisure offer.

El Confital Beach

Playa El Confital - The Instant Collector / Flickr.com

At one end of the previous Las Canteras beach, the so-called La Isleta peninsula begins to develop. Well, there and The Confital appears as a continuation, another of the beaches of Las Palmas that can be enjoyed during a vacation in Gran Canaria.

In this case the beach is more rockyIn fact, its name is related to that, since these are rocks sometimes covered by calcareous algae that are reminiscent of "confit".

This area for a while was quite abandoned, but today it has reached the category of the Blue Flag. While, his greatest fame is due to his excellent waves for surfing.

La Laja Beach

La Laja Beach - Canary Islands Photos / Flickr.com

La Laja is once again a beach of fine sand, but with a grayish tone. It is another one of the beaches of Las Palmas in which it has been intervened with success to adapt it better to bathers.

Since for that purpose a dike was built that has successfully quenched the force of the waves. As well as access to it have been improved, thanks to the promenade that closes it.

Las Alcaravaneras Beach

Playa de las Alcaravaneras - The Instant Collector / Flickr.com

Let no one look for the famous alcaravanes that gave it its name. Today, what is considered the second of the beaches of Las Palmas It is, above all, recognizable by its expanse of sand that is between Club Nautico and the marina.

In that arena it is usual to extend the towel, but also to practice sports such as football or volleyball in its beach version. While the calm waters of this bay are ideal to relax with canoeing or sailing.

San Cristobal Beach

San Cristóbal Beach - The Instant Collector / Flickr.com

The last of the beaches of Las Palmas is that of San Cristóbal, which does not reach the kilometer in length and has a stone surface. This makes it not very visited, so it provides a peace of mind that is sometimes not possible to find in other locations on the island.

It does not have the usual services on the busiest beaches, but in return offers a stunning panorama of the city. The reason is that it is located in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, where the most marine essence resides and where it is possible to enjoy really authentic restaurants and with the typical gastronomy.

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