Guide to vegetarian restaurants in Spain

More and more vegetarian restaurants in Spain due to the dietary changes of the population and, therefore, to the change in demand. Therefore, here are the different ways to find one in the city you want, as well as some of the best ones to go to in different cities of the country.

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There are several applications that facilitate the search for vegetarian restaurants in Spain, in the city where you live or are visiting, either nationally or internationally. One of them is Vegman, which not only makes it possible to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but also those that are veg-friendly.

Another option that works similarly is HappyCow, the specific restaurant guide veggie most downloaded. This includes millions of comments from its users that allow to know the strengths and weaknesses of a particular vegetarian restaurant, as well as the possibilities veggie of those who are not.

On the other hand, There are websites that can be consulted without the need to download any application, such as TripAdvisor, which finds the different establishments that exist depending on the type of food -in this case vegetarian- and the area you select.

Less known but equally advisable is Hazteveg, which makes it possible to search by province. Once you select the one you want, it shows you a map where you can find the vegetarian restaurants that exist in it. It also offers a list with a rating and small description.

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Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Spain

Let's now visit some of the vegetarian restaurants most recognized in different cities spread throughout the national geography.

1. Vega (Madrid)


One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Spain is Vega, whichoffers quality homemade food at a reduced price, since for eight euros you can enjoy your menu of the day, consisting of an entree, a second to choose between three options and a dessert, which can be a chocolate cake or parsnips or a delicious milkshake.

In case you want to ask for something from the letter, there is a wide variety of dishes that delight diners, such as tofu meatballs, spinach and raisins based on quinoa spaghetti. And for dessert, a very good decision is to opt for carrot cake.

2. Vegetart (Barcelona)


It is an establishment that is a restaurant and pastry shop at the same time, so in addition to ordering a dish of Catalan cuisine made without any ingredient of plant origin, you can not miss any example of their pastries, such as cookies.

Some of the options on your menu are brown basmati rice with black quinoa, grilled zucchini and tofu marinated in fig sauce and tamari; or roasted eggplant meatballs made with oatmeal. The portions are considerable and their prices are very reasonable.

3. Loving Hut (Valencia)

It belongs to the most important vegan chain in Spain, whose goal is to help customers adopt a plant-based diet. For this they offer various dishes, such as tofu crepes, mushrooms, soy cream, assorted vegetables and seitan, served with salad.

4. Veganitessen (Seville)

Originally it was a small patisserie located in the old Starters Market. Today, still making confectionery with raw materials one hundred per vegetable cinema, but also offers other options such as hamburgers, sandwiches or a variety of tapas.

Among its dishes highlights the Russian vegan salad with local peaks; beet salmorejo; dumplings with spinach or beet dough stuffed with cauliflower or spinach, onion and corn, respectively. Regarding desserts, we should name the crumble of chocolate and banana.

5. Gustu Bilbao (Bilbao)

As defined, Gustu Bilbao is a “restaurant of organic food and locally produced where health and gourmet are united”. In your letter there are many options, such as bokatagustu, a grilled vegan chicken sandwich, lettuce, red Zalla onion, sprouts and sauce to choose from.

In case we can indecision or if we want to try several dishes at a lower price, the today's menu Is the best option, which includes four gastronomic possibilities for 14.50 euros. The establishment also has a menu detox And a gourmet menu.

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