The best nightclubs in Madrid. Live the night!

The nightclubs in Madrid are one of the arguments that make the nights of the capital of Spain a synonym for partying. There are for all tastes and ages. They are places to dance, drink and socialize, but above all to have fun. If any of you have a pending trip to Madrid and want to enjoy its liveliest nights, take note of the following places.

Some of the best Madrid nightclubs

The list of nightclubs in Madrid would be quite long, and when it comes to saying which ones are the best, it is very difficult to please everyone. And it is that it counts a lot the personal experience of each one. So here We are going to introduce you to some that you should not miss.

1. Kapital Madrid

Among the discos in Madrid, Kapital is a guarantee of good music. Why? Because you will surely find the rhythms you want to dance, since a different kind of music is played on each of its seven floors and the setting is also changing.

In this place, located a step away from the Atocha station and the Paseo del Prado, the weekend is very long, since Start with your amazing parties on Thursdays.

2. Joy Slavic

A benchmark of the nightclubs in Madrid is the famous and central Joy Eslava. Here some of the funniest events in the capital are celebrated, and the norm is that quality music is played. Of course, in any style, from electronics to reggeaton. However, one of their specialties are the repertoires of the dance funky.

3. Velvet

We continue with another of the most central nightclubs in Madrid. Now in the vicinity of the Gran Vía. In this case, it is a place where the clientele is mainly twenty years old. Reason why the music that sounds is the most commercial and the most fashionable.

And that kind of environment, it is also not necessary to go excessively well dressed, although the appearance is controlled to enter.

4. Fabrik

We have started with Kapital, one of the largest clubs in Madrid. But Fabrik exceeds its size. Of course, you have to move to the south of the capital, to Humanes. But the distance is worth it, since Famous DJs, good music, swimming pools, terraces and fun await us there until the next day.

5. Liberty Supper Club

This place located on Juan Bravo street has an ideal location to get out of one of the best restaurants in the city and head to an establishment of the most elegant, where the norm is that the techno and the house. When we say elegant, it is not just an adjective, it is an important fact, since it is a rather select site.

6. Opium

Any day of the week opens Opium. Or rather any night, and each of them with different rhythms so that it attracts all audiences. While it is best to go personal with a healthy portfolio, since It is a place frequented by famous people, which always causes their prices to be high.

7. Barceló Theater

Barceló Theater - Zaqarbal / Wikimedia Commons

His name does not deceive. This was once a theater and for a few years now it has been four dance halls. A usual place for night owls in Madrid, who may remember her as Pacha.

Then and now this temple of dance has brought great international DJs. That is to say, It is a guarantee of quality music in a very elegant environment.

8. Florida Park Retreat

We finish this list of the best nightclubs in Madrid talking about a true classic, which after several years closed, has recently returned to be the protagonist of the nights of the capital. This is the Florida Park Retreat.

An establishment that now combines its musical and dance tradition, with its gastronomic proposal at dinner time. All this as its name says in the Retiro Park.

«Do you know another word to say 'party'? Celebration. Do you know another word to say 'celebrate'? Have fun, be very happy. »

-George Saunders-

So far our list of the best nightclubs in Madrid, but there are many more. And some of them would also deserve to appear on this list as is the case of La Boutique, Gotha, Bahia, Gabbana Club, La Nuit, Mitty, New Garamond, Palace ...

Main picture: Ruben Ortega / Wikimedia Commons

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