Tips for renting a car and going on a trip

Renting a car can be an excellent idea to travel. It's all a matter of calculating and getting a budget. Sometimes it can be a cheaper solution than having a car in the garage all year long without using it! However, for the experience to be profitable and rewarding, a number of issues must be considered.

Rent a car anywhere in the world

At first, consider renting a car to travel can have multiple reasons. One might be that we don't have our own car, or that we want to travel several friends and together we are going to rent a bigger one.

Equally, you can rent a car in places we have traveled by plane with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtouring that area during the holidays. An area that can be from any island of the Canary Islands to the national parks of South Africa, passing through the Caribbean countries or crossing the United States from coast to coast.

But regardless of where we are going to rent the car, a series of basic tips should always be taken into account. It is important to assess not only the price, but also the quality of the vehicle.

1. Choose your rental car

We must be clear which car we need. That is, a small, large, SUV, a van, etc. The variety is very wide and the price range, too. So value what you will use it for and choose a vehicle that suits it.

2. Get a budget

When renting a car, the second step is to get a budget of what it will cost you. Something that depends on the days you use it and of the kilometers that you are going to do. That is, the fuel you will need. So be realistic.

3. Read the contract well

All rental companies have offers, but also clauses that usually appear in the small print of the contracts. Read them well, Ask everything about bail, insurance, vehicle delivery, taxes, number of drivers, etc. Be sure to understand and agree with it.

4. Watch out for reservations

If you are abroad, you may go to rent a car during your stay there, that is, you will on-site. Although it is also usual to make reservations before online. If so, Confirm your reservation near the dates of your trip, not to surprise you.

5. Insurance with excess

The most conflicting point of the contract to rent a car usually lies in the insurance section. It is very possible that the biggest offers have the most basic third-party insurance. That is, in the case of an accident, neither your rental car nor you will be covered, and you will have to face all the expenses.

Choose franchise insurance, and even if you wish, one at full risk. It will be more expensive, but you will travel more calmly and without the possibility of experience ruining you.

6. Previous vehicle review

Before receiving the car keys and starting it, check the vehicle with the rental house employee. A) Yes, the contract will record any damage (bumps, scratches, indented moons ...). If you do not do it, perhaps upon delivery of the car they want you to pay for those damages that were already before.

7. Deposit full upon return

Another important thing when returning it is that you deliver the car with the same amount of fuel you received. Serious companies will deliver it with a full tank., so you must do the same.

These are the basic tips for renting a car. Then there would be other more specific recommendations referring to child seats, unlimited mileage, second drivers, the possibility of delivering at a different point to delivery and more. These are aspects that you should also consult when renting a car.

However, once you are clear about everything that your rental contract implies, accept it and get behind the wheel, The best advice we can give you is to drive with caution and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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