5 things you can do on Lake Tekapo

One of the most spectacular trips you can take is to New Zealand. It is a country full of contrasts, totally different from what we are used to on this side of the planet. And one of the practically essential stops is Lake Tekapo.

A very special place

Lake Tekapo is a small town located on the south island of New Zealand. It is located in the Canterbry region, an area very famous for the large number of activities that can be done there.

Church of the Good Shepherd on Lake Tekapo

About three hours by car from the city of Christchurch we find this small town. Its main attraction is the lake from which it receives the name and the Southern Alps in the background. A landscape of authentic postcard.

The water of the lake is of a characteristic whitish turquoise color thanks to the fine glacier flour, rock crushed by the glaciers, which is in suspension.

We tell you the very interesting things you can do on the shores of Lake Tekapo, apart from falling madly in love with the landscape and photographing everything without stopping.

1. Fly over the area by helicopter

Aerial view of Lake Tekapo - Russell Chartes / Flickr.com

Without a doubt, seeing any landscape from the sky is much better than seeing it at ground level. And that of Lake Tekapo is no exception. Even those who are not lovers of heights will be willing to try it. Short trips of about 15 minutes are offered, and longer ones, up to 1 hour and a half.

In these seconds, there is even the possibility of landing in mountains more than 7000 meters high. There are many different companies that offer different flights with different prices, although you should keep in mind that it is not a cheap excursion. But we assure you it will be worth it.

2. Relax in the hot springs of Lake Tekapo

A much cheaper and much more relaxed excursion is the one we propose now. In the heart of the region there is a set of natural hot spring pools. While enjoying the benefits of this type of water, you will have wonderful views of the mountains and the lake in front of you.

Apart from the wide variety of existing swimming pools, there are various organized activities, so you won't get bored for a moment. The entrance to this thermal complex costs between 15 and 27 dollars, depending on the age of the visitors.

3. Climb the mountains surrounding the lake

Lake Tekapo - Perttu Ristimella / Flickr.com

You may not have had enough to see the mountains and now you want to be yourself who steps and climbs them. For it, there are a few companies that offer guided excursions in the area, allowing to climb some walls.

It doesn't matter if you have never climbed or if you are an expert mountaineer. There are different courses, including initiation, and different levels to enjoy without limits. These excursions last several days, between 3 and 6, so be prepared to be in contact with nature and the mountain that the inhabitants of the area love so much.

4. Sledding or ice skating

Tekapo Lake - Russell Chartes / Flickr.com

Another of the favorite activities of tourists (especially those less risk-loving) is sledding or ice skating. Several companies offer this type of activities that, in addition, they are quite cheap.

Logically, to enjoy these activities it is necessary to go in winter. Remember that they are in another hemisphere, so The best months are between April and September.

They say that this place has the best ice skating rink in New Zealand. And you can enjoy more things, like the famous curling, or attend a party at a disco with skates on.

5. Look at the stars

The inhabitants of the area say that This is the best place in the whole country for astronomical observation. Therefore, it is practically mandatory that during your visit to the region you do this activity.

You can hire a guided tour that will take you to the best places to marvel at the space. This is undoubtedly what all tourists do, so Try to book it as soon as possible to avoid last minute scares.

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