5 places in New England worth visiting

New England, in the United States, is much more than Massachusets or Boston, it is an area planted with idyllic villages. Villages and cities with impressive architecture and beautiful views. They can be by the sea or in mountainous places, but wherever they are, they have a unique beauty that is worth discovering. Today we enter New England.

New England, historic and picturesque

New England is located in the northeast of the United States. It includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Its name is due to the fact that British settlers settled in that area after the landing of the Mayflower in 1620.

Manchester - Craig T / Flickr.com

Despite not having been blessed with large areas of fertile land or a mild climate, played a very important role in the history of the country's independence. In addition, it was the economic and cultural center of the United States for more than three centuries. Here prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, Brown, etc. were established.

The entire region is dotted with beautiful villages, each with its own personality. They are very touristy and have become holiday destinations for thousands of visitors who do not want to lose their charms.

"Regardless of how one travels, of the shortcuts that are taken, of meeting or not meeting expectations, one always ends up learning something."

- Jack Kerouac-

New England towns and cities

1. Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport - rda / Flickr.com

It is located in Essex County and It is a picturesque fishing village of lobsters that live harmoniously with artists. The preferred season to visit it is summer, when its streets and beaches are filled with lovers of sun and sand.

The rest of the year has a quiet atmosphere. Thus, It's perfect for a walk, enjoy its art galleries, from its patisseries, its curiosity shops and restaurants where you can taste the richest lobsters. In addition, you can enjoy the best sunsets.

2. Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington - John Phelan / commons.wikimedia.org

Historically, a very important place is the United States. Here the War of Independence began in April 1775. This fact has given personality to this town, which has numerous historical buildings and monuments that are part of history.

Every year thousands of Americans and tourists come to this town eager to know the places of historical interest and to participate in the different events. One of the best known is Patriots Day, with a reconstruction of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport - Yosefer

This is a town that concentrates a large number of mansions-mansions in a few square kilometers. For this characteristic it is considered the capital of the American high society.

Much will have had to do with its privileged location with the Atlantic Ocean at its feet. But the truth is that wealthy families came to Newport during the 19th and early 20th centuries and they established their luxurious mansions here to enjoy the summer.

Many of these mansions were donated and several have been declared National Historical Heritage. Of them, 11 are open to the public for your visit.

Newport also has a large number of sport ports and international famous yacht clubs. It also has the oldest golf course in the country.

4. Portland, Maine

Portland Head Light - Raging Wire / commons.wikimedia.org

It is one of the most important ports on the east coast and headquarters of numerous private companies and financial entities. It is also the birthplace of the famous horror writer Stephen King.

Portland has one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the United States and one of the most photographed in the world. It is the Portland Head Light, built in 1791 and has a small museum that provides details of its construction. The environment also deserves a walk, as you can practice sports and hiking.

5. Winchester, Massachusetts

Winchester- Daderot / commons.wikimedia.org

The small and cozy town of Winchester is close to Boston and Cambridge. It is a picturesque and quiet place. In it you can experience the routine of its inhabitants with its small shops, its churches, its beautiful library and its well-kept gardens.

You can not miss the village market on weekends. In it you can find many curiosities. And then you can take a walk along the river that crosses this town, you'll love it!

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