On vacation, visit museums and cultural sites

Take advantage of your vacation to visit museums and cultural sites. It is clear that these holiday periods invite us to relax, to beach days, to do sports in nature or to enjoy the company of friends, sometimes with good dinners and having a few drinks. However, there is time for everything.

Museums and cultural sites worldwide

Louvre Museum

Wherever you go on vacation, you can spend time in different types of activities. It doesn't matter if you are on the coast of Southeast Asia, in South Africa or on the Caribbean islands.

You can always alternate beach days or outdoor activities with other visits to museums and cultural sites that make you know the history of all those sites, their customs or curiosities. Y it will be those details that you remember years after that trip.

Museums and cultural sites for all tastes

Sometimes we can think that museums and cultural sites are excessively serious places, and even solemn. But it doesn't have to be that way, on the contrary.

Forever there is the possibility of guided tours very relaxed, which does not mean that they are not instructive. Guides who are good professionals always know how to present the subject and the place they are talking about, adapting their speech to the tastes of their audience.

Varied art museums

Prado Museum

When talking about museums, obviously the great art galleries of the world come to us. It can be the Prado in Madrid or the Louvre in Paris. Fascinating and endless places for art history lovers.

However, you may consider yourself a much more modern person and you like contemporary. So, you can visit more specific museums like MoMA from New York or the Guggenheim from Bilbao.

In these and many others you will be surprised to see the program of activities they offer. There are guided thematic tours for children, workshops, concerts ... Endless proposals that will eliminate the concept of boredom that perhaps you attribute to museums.

Museums of other subjects

Entrance to MoMA - Ed Schipul / Flick.com

Perhaps art, whether historical or contemporary, is not what best matches your interests. If so, there are many other themes. How about the Natural History Museum in Central Park? Yes, the one in the movie saga of Night in the museum!

But there are many more types of museums. To cite just a few examples, here are some ideas: there is the Design Museum of Barcelona, ​​the Fashion Museum of Florence, the Naval Museum of Cartagena or the Archeology Museum of Naples.

There are the famous wax museums, like the one in London. And there are also museums of weapons, stamps, botany, origami, wine, etc. Because there are, there are even computer museums, such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Archaeological sites and various monuments

Merida Theater Festival - Obra Social Foundation «laCaixa» / Flickr.com

Between museums and cultural sites we can include visits to archaeological sites and various monuments in the form of castles, palaces or churches.

They are usually very common activities during the holidays, and the truth is that they are also very interesting. And is that entering these sites we know the most emblematic of the destinations to which we travel.

But also, they can be very fun visits. For example, it is not uncommon for theatrical visits to be made on certain dates to some sites such as Numancia in Soria. And there may be playful, festive and musical acts on certain monuments, such as the Roman theater in Mérida. Who said archeology is boring!

The most modern cultural facilities

City of Arts and Sciences - Marcus / Flickr.com

And finally, we want to talk about the visit to other places that we also include in the section of museums and cultural sites. We talked about the discovery of great cultural infrastructures. Many of them made in recent years and in which culture, learning and fun touches are combined.

The examples are many. Without leaving Spain, we can talk about the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. Or the Niemeyer Center in the Asturian city of Aviles. Anyway, there is no excuse for not visiting these places on vacation. You will learn, you will be surprised and you will have much more fun than you think.

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