Essential things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is an ancient and somewhat decadent city, which can be seen in its streets and way of life and makes it an even more beautiful place. We have already told you about everything there is to see in this city, but today We will explain those essential things to do in Lisbon. What you can not miss.

Listen to improvised fados at Alfama

Fado is the typical music of Portugal. Therefore, going to the country and not listening to it live would be like going to Spain and not seeing a flamenco show. There are many options to listen to fado, as this is a great tourist attraction.

Restaurant in Alfama - Leandro Fridman /

Although sometimes tourist claims are a way to profit, in Alfama there are typical tascas in which to listen to improvised fados for just one reasonable price drink. This means that any client who considers himself an artist of Portuguese folklore could start singing without warning.

These they are places where many of the most famous singers of this style were discovered. The advantage of these taverns compared to other places is that in others they offer you a more professional show, but you can pay much more for a meal that is sometimes not so good or so abundant.

Another idea is to attend a professional fado show for less than € 20 in a theater. This is a reasonable price for something worthwhile.

Eat Belém Cakes

Pasteis de Belém - Heather Cowper /

The pasteis do Belém, as they are called in Portugal, they are the typical sweet of the country. It is believed that they began to be made in Jeronimos Monastery, located in the area of ​​Belém, and that they passed the recipe to the best confectioners when the monks left the place.

Today they are the most sought after by tourists and in Lisbon the most famous bakery is called precisely like them, Pasteis do Belem. However, there are those who say that the bakery in the Plaza del Comercio is even better. Why not try both? After all it is impossible to get tired of eating these cream delicacies.

Get on tram 28, one of the most charming things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon Tram 28

Trams are typical and riding them is one of the things you have to do in Lisbon. But not in any one. Tram 28 is the best known and one of the oldest. It is also more photographed and the one that appears in all the photos and pictures you can see online.

Go up narrow streets of heart attack and It will take you to some of the most representative places in the capital. Although compared to the subway, its price is more than double, it is not a ruin for anyone, it is only € 3.40 and it is an experience that everyone who goes to Lisbon must live.

Take a picture at the Belém Tower

Belém Tower in Lisbon

The Belém Tower is possibly the most photographed place in the city and taking a picture with her is another thing to do in Lisbon. Any social media account with influencers most famous have a photo like that. Stop by and you will see.

Look at the Tagus

Commerce Square

Commerce Square is one of the few squares in the world that look at the 'sea', although in this case it is an immense and mighty river that crosses much of Spain and Portugal. We talk about the Tagus, which deserves to stop for a few minutes to see how much the city beautifies.

«For the traveler who arrives by sea, Lisbon seen this way, from afar, stands as a beautiful vision of dream, standing out against the blue of the sky, which the sun encourages.»

-Fernando Pessoa-

Eat cod

Bacalhau à Brás - Frances Ellen /

Please do not leave Lisbon without trying the cod. Any place is good for it. You can search for recommended places. However, if you want to try the traditionalbacalhau à Brás For a small fee, you can go through the Time Out Market.

This site is picturesque in itself, because it's like a huge mall full of tables in which to eat anything you buy at the stalls that surround it. The bakery there also has some of the best cakes in Belém. All in one!

Take good note of everything that needs to be done in Lisbon without excuses. You can enjoy it while visiting the most characteristic places of the Portuguese capital.

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