Live the experience of a cruise on the Seine river in Paris

Navigating the river Seine in Paris is one of the best experiences that can be lived in the French capital. Therefore, in this article we want to give you all the necessary information so that you can make it happen. Can you come with us? Of course, you will not regret it.

Price, duration and tour of the Seine river cruise in Paris

Cruise on the Seine

In Paris there are numerous companies that offer cruises on the Seine river. One of the most famous is Bateaux Parisiens, but there are other options. Not only during the day, they can also be done at night. And there are restaurants and even storytellers to entertain children.

In general terms, the first boat usually leaves at ten in the morning and the last at half past ten at night. During that period a cruise ship leaves every thirty minutes.

The duration is usually one hour and the price, 15 euros for adults. Meanwhile, children between 4 and 11 must only pay 7 euros. The little ones can ride on the boat for free.

The cruise route

Seine river

The usual thing is to start at the pier that is located right next to the Eiffel Tower. From there the boat goes to the island of Saint Louis, one of the quietest and most charming districts of Paris. Just opposite, on the island of La Cité, is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Between both points, the boat trip allows you to admire a good part of the charms of the French capital. We can see the Orangerie Museum, the Orsay and the Louvre. And we will also see the Petit Palais, the Place de la Concorde or the Tuileries Garden.

Further, The cruise passes under the historic bridges of Paris. One of them is the Alexander III bridge, adorned with numerous bronze candlesticks and sculptures. It is also passed under the Pont de l'Alma or the Pont Neuf, the oldest in the city and a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Dinner while sailing on the Seine

Seine river

If it is not enough for you to make a cruise on the Seine river in Paris, but rather to combine the experience with some other activity, you can opt for those boats where you can also dine. You will have the possibility to live an unforgettable experience.

If you opt for a dinner cruise, the price usually rises above 60 euros. The duration is also longer, since it can exceed two hours.

The experience offered by Bateaux Parisiens, for example, includes a dinner with appetizer, entree, main course, dessert, mineral water and coffee. In addition, there is live music and you can enjoy the magnificent views. Dinner is at six or eight in the afternoon. It all depends on the preferences of each one.

Other cruises on the Seine river in Paris

Alexander III Bridge

In addition to the standard cruise or the one that includes dinner, it is possible to find more types. One of the most attractive is the one that runs through Paris at night. In it you can enjoy the buildings and monuments of the city fully illuminated. Without a doubt, one of the most romantic options.

In other occasions You can combine the cruise on the Seine river in Paris with other attractions. One option is to do it with the entrance to the Eiffel Tower, without queues and with the ascent to the second level of the construction. It can also be combined with access to the Moulin Rouge show.

The price of the first experience is 44 euros per person. In the case of wanting to see the cabaret show, the price rises to almost 150 euros. Choosing will depend on what you want to see and your pocketof course

In any case, we choose the option we choose, the truth is that a cruise on the river Seine in Paris gives us the possibility of an essential walk. We can admire unique and privileged views of the city, admire its architectural richness and, why not, discover the most authentic Paris.

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