5 reasons to love Lake Nasser in Egypt

Lake Nasser can become the big surprise during a trip to Egypt. We all know that this country in North Africa is the land of the pharaohs and the pyramids. It is a territory bathed by the Nile where the desert predominates. Well, at the southern end of Egypt is Lake Nasser, which is, neither more nor less, than the largest artificial lake in the world.

History of Lake Nasser

Aswan Dam

A little later we will give you all the reasons to visit Lake Nasser, but, for now, we will tell you something about its history. This lake, as we have said, is artificial. Actually, It is the great reservoir that was made to control the waters of the Nile thanks to the Aswan Dam.

This is a mammoth work that was done in the middle of the last century to prevent the usual flooding caused by the Nile. So Lake Nasser had to contain a large amount of water, in fact, It extends over more than 5,000 km².

It is, therefore, a navigable lake. That is to say, one can enjoy sailing surrounded by water in the desert. And that is one of the charms of Lake Nasser, but then we will give you more.

Reasons to enjoy Lake Nasser

1. A calm and different navigation

Boat on the lake

A great reason to embark on Lake Nasser is that there you will sail on always calm waters. Further, the environment has a unique photogenicity. You will be surrounded by water and, in turn, the desert sand. You will enjoy captivating contrasts and some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

2. Cross a border

Everyone who likes to travel, as it is surely your case, loves to cross borders. Well, the tour of Lake Nasser takes us through two different countries. Its waters border between Egypt and Sudan.

The lake is also known as the Nubian Sea, having occupied part of the territory where the Nubian ethnic group lived, on horseback from those two African countries.

3. The incredible nature of Lake Nasser

Nile crocodile

Another of the charms of the lake is to discover the fauna that has adapted to this creation of man, which, after all, has been a miracle for life in the desert. That manifests on the mainland, since by the banks it is not difficult to see foxes or gazelles, in addition to other emblematic species of Egypt, such as scorpions or snakes.

Even though, if we talk about an animal that we all link with the great Egyptian river, that is the Nile crocodile. Well, you should know that the last specimens live here, on Lake Nasser.

And here too many birds arrive and in the aquatic bottoms there are countless fish. Among them, highlights the famous Nile perch. A freshwater fish that can reach two meters in length and 200 kilos in weight.

4. Excursions around the environment

Isis Temple

One of the wonders of traveling on a boat from Lake Nasser is the possibility of disembarking in places that seem remote and from another planet. It seems incredible that we can be surrounded by water and suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a desert of sand, with dunes as tall and beautiful as sterile for life.

In these environments we can take a quiet walk and reflect on how life can exist in these inhospitable landscapes. And, after the walk and back to our boat, maybe we have a small beach nearby in which to dive to refresh ourselves. By the way, we will be bathing in the cleanest waters of Egypt.

5. Meet Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Temple

We have left for the end the great reason why many visit Lake Nasser. We refer to the monumental complex of Abu Simbel. This is one of the great jewels of the heritage of the Pharaonic Egypt. A place composed of two imposing temples: the one dedicated to Ramses II and the one that honors Queen Nefertari.

This Abu Simbel site was saved from the waters when Lake Nasser was built. In total, there were 14 places that were dismantled stone by stone and then transferred to other places on the banks of the Nile. It was the case of the temples of Karnak, Luxor or Kom Ombo.

However, that of Abu Simbel was here, next to Lake Nasser. In this way, the temple and the lake form a set that alone is worth the trip to Egypt. Impossible to miss it.

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