7 unusual activities to discover Rio de Janeiro

Discovering Rio de Janeiro in depth requires several days of stay In the big Brazilian city. It is a place full of topics and absolutely obligatory visits, but there are also other spaces in the city that are real surprises for visitors. They are places that, although they are more unusual, can become the great memory of the trip.

Discover Rio de Janeiro in another way

Almost without ever having been in the city of Rio, many of us can name several places that are great icons. Obligatory stops to discover Rio de Janeiro are its magnificent beaches, like those of Copacabana or Ipanema. And so is the Christ the Redeemer, who dominates the entire city.

However, all of this is relatively easy to find information. Therefore, today we are going to talk about other less famous sites, but also worth a visit.

1. Arpoador Beach

Arpoador Beach

Since we have named the two most emblematic beaches, we will also name another one that is less known, but perhaps more authentic: Arpoador beach. If you like surfing, you should go. And, of course, if you travel to Brazil for a honeymoon, here you will enjoy a romantic sunset.

2. Lapa neighborhood to discover Rio de Janeiro at night

To discover Rio de Janeiro you have to spend a little night. It may not be necessary to do it every night, but occasionally. And one of the best places to do is the Lapa neighborhood.

In this neighborhood there are many bars and restaurants for locals. Dare to visit it, but always go carefully. You cannot forget that Brazil is not, precisely, the safest place in the world.

3. Live the day in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa

Staircase of Selaron -Adam Reeder / Flickr.com

Another highly recommended neighborhood to discover Rio de Janeiro is that of Santa Teresa. In this case, it is much better to visit it by day, when you discover all its colonial charm and its bohemian atmosphere. Further, there we can approach the colorful stairs of Selarón, image of the joy of Rio.

4. Know the heritage of Rio

Royal Portuguese Reading Cabinet - Mayumi Ishikawa / Flickr.com

Surely, when you think about discovering Rio de Janeiro, it may not be among your plans to see interesting monuments. But nevertheless, the visit to the city would not be complete without these incentives, that will truly surprise you.

In Rio there are several palaces of interest, such as Tiradentes or Catete. In addition, you should not miss other jewels, such as the Royal Portuguese Reading Cabinet or the monastery of San Bentao.

5. Two special museums

Museum of Modern Art - Halley Pacheco de Oliveira / Wikimedia Commons

Another big surprise for the most horny travelers are two of the most attractive museums in the city. One would be the Museum of Modern Art. It is a jewel of contemporary architecture in the city and inside it offers a rich tour of the most recent art in Brazil.

And of course, one cannot say that he will discover Rio de Janeiro if he does not visit the Indian Museum. An entire institution that was once a neighbor of the charismatic Maracana stadium and is now in a nineteenth-century mansion.

In the Indian Museum we can understand how when talking about Brazil and its culture we must talk about fusion: fusion of the indigenous, the European and the African.

6. Discover Rio de Janeiro visiting the favelas

Favela in Rio de Janeiro

We should also take advantage of this deep trip to Rio to visit some of its favelas. They are the humblest places in the city. In some of them guided tours are made, which is always the best option.

For example, you can visit the largest of them all, Rocinha's. But we recommend that of Cantagalo or Santa Marta, which made Michael Jackson famous in one of his music videos.

7. Make a trekking

View from the Morro Dois Irmaos

And to end these alternative routes that serve to discover Rio de Janeiro, we propose a peculiar walk walk that, precisely, begins in another favela, in that of Vidigal.

From there you can give a walk to the highest point of Morro Dois Irmaos. This is a magnificent place to contemplate the city. A special city, with a thousand faces and that keeps countless surprises to travelers.

Do not worry about physical exertion. Actually, the difficulty of this walk is rather low. Of course, it is better to get up early so as not to suffer with the heat. And if you end up tired, when you return you just have to look for the typical Brazilian rodizio, in which, for a fixed price, you can give yourself a real meat feast.

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