The best snow spots in Latin America

First of all, we must make a clarification. In Latin America there are numerous places where there is snow, but not all are ski centers or spaces for the practice of winter sports, strictly speaking.

What is true is that all these snow places can be visited, although access is not always easy. In the Andes, the mountain range that crosses all of South America, there are at least 102 snowy peaks. However, only winter sports are practiced in Argentina and Chile.

Snow places in Latin America

After making that reservation, let's point out that all the snow places in Latin America are beautiful. Some of them have a fabulous tourist infrastructure and others demand more from you. Anyway, these are the most prominent.

Cerro Catedral, in Argentina

Cerro Catedral - Tiago Pádua /

On the Cerro Catedral the ski slope is located largest in the entire southern hemisphere. It is also the first one built in Latin America. It is located in San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina). There are all kinds of amenities and attractions on this site, but in its surroundings there is a landscape that alone deserves the visit.

Antillanca, in Chile

The snow season in Chile begins earlier than in Argentina, due to its greater proximity to the Pacific. Antillanca is an amazing ski center. It is located in the Puyehue National Park, 98 kilometers from the city of Osorno. It also has landscapes that are capable of taking anyone's breath away.

More snow spots in Chile: Pucón

Villarrica Volcano

In Pucón skiing at the foot of Villarrica volcano, in the national park of the same name. In itself, the population is beautiful for its nature and its architecture, which reminds the Swiss places. The ski center is located about 20 minutes from the town and is considered a natural paradise

Mexiquillo, in Mexico

Mexiquillo is a natural park located in the Sierra Madre Occidental, in a place called Pueblo Nuevo, in Durango. The site is so beautiful that It has served as the main stage for some Hollywood movies. There is snow during winter and this leaves a thick forest covered beautifully with white.

El Cocuy, one of the snow places in Colombia

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy - Juan Anzola /

It is strange that a purely tropical country like Colombia also has snow places, but it is. One of them is the Sierra Nevada de El Cocuy, in the department of Boyacá. Here are several peaks that are the delight of walkers and climbers. It is part of the natural park of the same name and is full of beauty.

San Joaquin, in Brazil

San Joaquín, or rather São Joaquim, is in the state of Santa Catarina, southeast of Brazil. It does not always snow and when this happens, snowfall is not very profuse either. However, with relative frequency it happens that this small city is colored by that beautiful white mantle, usually in the month of July.

El Chimborazo, in Ecuador

Chimborazo - Jonathan Hood /

In the Chimborazo is the highest peak in the world, if the center of the Earth is taken as a reference point. From that perspective, it exceeds Everest by two kilometers. In the highest part there are spectacular glaciers And the whole site is absolutely beautiful. Delights climbers and walkers.

The Eagle, Venezuela

El Águila peak is also known as the Collado del Cóndor and is located in the state of Mérida of Venezuela. It is one of the most interesting snow places in Latin America. Snowfall takes place in the months of July, August and September. You walk up and on the summit there is a beautiful chapel.

Mountain range Blanca, Peru

Cordillera Blanca - twiga269 ॐ FEMEN /

The Cordillera Blanca of Peru has a whopping 722 individual glaciers and it is one of the largest snow places in Latin America. It is located in the Huascarán National Park and was declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by Unesco. The travelers visit him doing several days of hiking in places of another world.

Chacaltaya, in Bolivia

Chacaltayaera is the highest ski slope in the world, since it is located 5421 meters above sea level. However, in recent years it has declined, mainly due to the effects of climate change. Too bad because the site had a great infrastructure.

Other snow highlights

We cannot finish without mentioning other prominent snow spots on the continent. The Las Leñas ski center in Argentina stands out for its proximity to Buenos Aires. It should also be mentioned that it has snow all year round, either naturally or artificially.

It is also worth mentioning the beautiful Valle Nevado de Chile, as well as the ski centers of Portillo and Chillán, also in that country. All of them are among the best snow spots on the continent.

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